What is E-VIKO

It is time to act and take advantage of future technology. E-VIKO is the electronic business card, with a user-friendly platform and stylish design. E-VIKO makes it easy to share and keep track of your contacts.

E-VIKO is a trustworthy networking platform where people from all over the world have the opportunity, through direct contact to share contact informations digitally via smartphone.

E-VIKO are with its functionality developed partly to be an equipment for the individual user but also as a part of the daily operation of even the largest enterprises. Whether a user changes job functions or business, E-VIKO will switch and keep the network up to date with the smart and simple function of history.

Features and values

  • Create a company or private cloud.
  • Exciting conference feature.
  • History feature, will always keep you updated with your professional network.
  • You never lose your contacts.
  • Reduces operating costs.
  • Strengthens the company’s CSR profile.
  • Contributes to sustainability.
  • Quick and simple sharing.